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Negros Live! : Art unchained, unfettered, uncaged

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First there was Buhat Paglaum.

It was a collaborative project conceptialized by Headrush’s Ryan Saez and 13th Parea’s Jae Espino, and directed by Juno Oebanda.

It was a series of digital concerts which drew big names in the local, even national music industry: Kokoi Baldo, Asin’s Nonoy Pillora, Nancy Brew, Mighty Hillamoon, and Mojo Nova.

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kokoi baldo

It was meant to provide a platform for artists who suddenly were forced to prematurely retire their mics, their guitars, their keyboards, and song sheets no thanks to the pandemic.

It was a gathering of artists for artist of different genres: from punk to progressive to pop to metal to jazz, a fusion of talent and music and guitar riffs and sexy growls minus the rambunctious physicality of an actual live concert.

kokoi balod preparing

Buhat Paglaum was a success; it opened up an avenue of opportunities to perform for artists who were ready to hang up their guitar picks.

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So after the last episode rounded up, one would think that the connoisseurs and ambassadors of the local music industry would give up.


Enter Negros Live! (Yes that exclamation point is part of the brand name.)

Negros Live! is a collaboration of Headrush, Omnibus Music, Zeal Team, 13th Parea, KP Fotos, and local musicians.

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mighty hilamon

“Negros Live! is a followup project for Buhat Paglaum,” Saez tells DNX, adding, “It is intended to continue the search for a platform for the musicians, the live event community, as well as, the local establishments that used to be venues that support the growing local music and arts scene.”

Saez says that while Buhat Paglaum was intended not just as fundraiser but as primer to get the music scene going, Negros Live! Is an opportunity audiences and the community at large “to show up now that the we are ready to entertain them again”.

The pandemic, however, poses a steep challenge for a full-on live audience.

poster for the concert

But that does not stop the crew of Negros Live from forging on.

“We keep moving forward, we keep evolving and experimenting in every episode hoping that we can stumble on a formula that will work and apply a better normal,” Saez revealed.

mighty hilamon on bw

The collab project is composed of carefully handpicked talents who know damn well what they are doing so that the resulting show is nothing short of stellar.

Saez says hopefully they can create just that, so that it could create a buzz in the community, to convince people that the whole live scene still exists, albeit in another form.

“Our main goals are primarily to just be heard and seen, for the artists to feel the support of their peers and the community, and to keep on searching for mediums that can sustain everyone’s crafts by opening channels for corporate sponsors and local businesses to get their brands out according to the new normal,” he adds.

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