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Fusion of old and new: Sine Negrense

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From docus to classics to feel-good films, SineNegrense: Negros Island Film Festival is a convergence of old and new, a virtual cinematic feast for film buffs and young and old.

With screening dates on September 26 – 28 of this year, the festival pools films that have a touch of Negros, whether it is was filmed here or are helmed by filmmakers who call the province their home. Screenings venues at Cinematheque Centre Negros.

Below are some of the films that would be showcased during the festival:

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Gumising ka, Maruja (1978)

What’s not to like about Gumising ka, Maruja (not to be confused with the 1967 Maruja and its other, um, reincarnations)? The Lino Brocka romantic film – standing firmly on its Gothic roots – has the Queen of Philippine Cinema Susan Roces as the eponymous Maruja, who killed herself after being forced to marry the man she didn’t love (family didn’t like Maruja’s poor lover). Maruja was reincarnated into Nina Concepcion, a producer-actor who decided to film the story of the lovers right at the very mansion where Maruja died. You can guess what happens next. Also starring Mario O’Hara, Laurice Guillen, and Philip Salvador.

Maruja film. | Photo from https://susanroces.blogspot.com/.
Photo from susanroces.blogspot.com

Sonata (2017)

Starring the incomparable Cherie Gil, film tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a has-been opera singer and a young boy. Worlds and temperaments clash at first, because really, what has a jaded singer who literally lost her voice – she did, she couldn’t hit the notes like she used to – got in common with an awkward pre-teen trying to adjust to promdi life. Their tender friendship takes a sharp turn, though, no thanks to a tragedy. Shot in Negros, Sonata pays tribute to the sights and sounds of the rural countryside, making the film remarkably Negrense. Directed by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes.

Sonata. A film by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes. | Photo from IMDB.com
Photo from IMDB.com


The Story of Negros Sugar (2012). Perhaps one of the most controversial, important, and polarizing films about the sugar industry in Negros, film presents the story of sugar, of sugar barons, and how the industry rises and (apparently) falls. It adopts a view that critics call “unflinching”, with a wonderful, well-researched script from Jet Orbida and Checcs Osmena. A must-see for everyone who is affected by sugar, who is involved directly and indirectly in the industry. Directed by Jay Abello

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Photo from https://markmayomagallanes.wordpress.com
Photo from markmayomagallanes.wordpress.com

Namets! (2008)

Film is virtual food porn, a celebration of everything edible in Negros. Namets! (that’s with the exclamation point) is set against the backdrop of two former lovers Jacko (Christian Vazquez) and Cassie (Angel Jacob) who were forced to work together in the latter’s restaurant, after he lost it to gambling. Plot is merely a ploy to showcase the wonderful Negros cuisine and the fresh ingredients that make it to every dish. Watch out for Angel’s delightful Hiligaynon inflection. With sparkling script from Vince Groyon. Directed by Jay Abello.

Photo from wikimedia.org
Photo from wikimedia.org
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