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Jones and Jaylloyd: Coping through covers

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Back in college, Joanna Grace “Jones” Seballos had always been wearing three artistic hats : as singer, dancer, or actor (an award-winning one at that).

Jones and Jaylloyd

During class breaks, she would — with another similarly-predisposed classmate — do covers of pop hits-of-the-moment.

It was thus but natural that when a pandemic had forced the population to sit still (and come up with creative ways to fight back the earlier stages of cabin fever), Jones decided to do what she does best — record herself dancing and singing.

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One of her latest covers pairs her with friend Jaylloyd Garche, a budding singing artist, and contestant of a popular talent show on TV.

“Jaylloyd and I bonded through singing,” Jones shares of her partner, whom she has known for five years as Jaylloyd was also her student in ballet.

Jones and Jaylloyd had singing sessions before but the ECQ had put a halt to that. Still, that itch to sing, to entertain, to do covers is just too much.

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And so the virtual collabs started.

“Since the start of the ECQ, we missed our singing sessions so we experimented on this virtual duet,” she says.

Jaylloyd was the one who chose the song You Can Come to Me because the message of the song matched the prevailing mood of the current situation.

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“We posted our collaboration online hoping we can entertain our family and friends,” Jones says, adding, “We also have friends who are frontliners and so we hope we can entertain them at least for a while.”

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