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IN FULL | Sorongon reacts on the alleged maltreatment of a helper, being a pangayaw and on Dan Atayde

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The following is a news release from Grupo Progreso spokesperson Chris Soringon originally titled “Responding to fake news.” It is published in full. Emphasis provided by Sorongon.

As the political campaign heats up and our rivals unleash their dirty tactics, the undersigned was compelled to come forward and address three “non-issues” that they hurled against my person and Grupo Progreso congressional aspirant Dan Atayde.

First, the twin “issues” against me.

  1. THE STORY ABOUT THE HOUSEMAID THAT WE FIRED. Last week, an FB post, apparently owned by a troll, claimed that I had manhandled our housemaid. It also showed graphics that looked like a handwritten quit claim, saying that the helper received X amount as settlement for what I have done. THAT IS ENTIRELY FAKE NEWS. The truth is no such incident happened. There was no slapping or any form of physical abuse. The one who manufactured the story has a very distorted imagination that he even likened what I did to the slapping of comedian Chris Rock by Academy winner and A-list actor Will Smith. Thanks but no thanks to the comparison. It is not in my character to do such a thing to anyone. Now, let me give you a truthful narrative.
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My wife had been complaining that my househelps (who are siblings) have not been performing their tasks. She also found out that the two were spending more time doing “Tik Tok” instead of attending to house chores. So, they packed their things up saying they are resigning. My wife didn’t allow them to leave. She advised the two to wait for me so they can formally ask permission to leave. But to no avail. They still left the house without their bags. They then filed a complaint before Barangay Captain Rommel Flores of Villamonte, claiming that their bags were not released by my wife. It was on December 3, 2021. I faced them following the barangay summoned me and right there and then, settled the balance of their monthly salary and returned their bags. You may want to check the accuracy of my facts before Barangay Captain Flores. End of the story.

  1. NON-BACOLOD RESIDENT. This is another case of FAKE NEWS. True. My roots are from Panay. But to say that I am not a Bacolod resident is entirely FALSE. I have been a residents of the city in the last 16 years. Two years after completing my medical studies in 2004, I practiced my profession here. I became an active Rotarian and served as President of the Rotary Club of Bacolod South and member of Rotary Club of Bacolod. I then established a review center and helped thousands of Bacolod nursing graduates to pass their licensure exams. I became a volunteer to as many outreach programs, including medical missions and charity works, all intended to help alleviate the conditions of scores of Bacolodnons. Together with my peers or, sometimes, even I alone, provided free medical consultations/checkups to poor barangay folk, gave them free medicines and even performed minor procedures. My volunteer work in different barangays continues as of this day, even in the midst of the campaign season. Many of you know, of course, that I had volunteered with the Bacolod Emergency Operations Center-Task Force Against COVID,-19, where I am currently deputy director to come-backing Councilor Em Legaspi-Ang. Thus, to imply that I am not a Bacolod resident is a non-issue and a laughable matter. I am certainly a city resident. I Iived here for 16 years, practiced medicine here for 16 years, raised my family here for 16 years, paid my taxes here for 16 years and settled my cedula annually without fail for the last 16 years. I did not come here ONLY LAST YEAR to apply for a transfer of my voter’s registration and run for public office.
  2. DAN ATAYDE: A GENUINE BACOLODNON. Congressional aspirant Dan Atayde is a genuine Bacolodnon. He stayed in Barangay Villamonte, his home for 30 years. Those claiming that Dan Atayde is a stranger to Bacolod are simply spreading FAKE NEWS. Those years when Aksyon Dan made himself not-so-visible locally was because work called him to be based in Manila. That doesn’t follow that he is no longer a native of Bacolod. While based in the Big City, he continued to stay in touch with Bacolod affairs, having served as consultant to BREDCO founder, the late Atty Sammy Palanca. Aksyon Dan spent his college at La Salle Bacolod. Another trivia about Aksyon Dan Atayde is that he does not only speak Ilonggo and Tagalog but he is also conversant in Spanish, Cebuano, Ilocano and other regional languages because his work as an executive demands for him to do a lot of travels. I hope I had satisfactorily answered all the non-issues claimed by our rivals and agents of FAKE NEWS.
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