Monday, May 23, 2022
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IN FULL: Orola says, my opponent is a master of deception

Atty. Juan N. Orola Jr., who is a candidate for Governor in the Province of Negros Occidental have been receiving information telling that every time the incumbent Governor Bong Lacson gives his speech on rallies, he always reiterates that he has no opponent in the upcoming election.

“Lacson’s speeches are treacherous, deceptive and I guess he is a master of it”, Orola said.

According to Orola, this kind of information is a big lie and is misguiding or misleading the people of the Negros since his name and another candidate’s name had been printed on the ballot and is contrary to what Lacson is saying.

“If you’re a kind of politician that wanted to lie in your political campaigning no problem: you can do it, but misleading or misguiding the people of Negros is a big NO. People of Negros prefers the truth because that’s where they can build their trust on their leader and trust in some degree of veracity functions as a foundation of relations among the people of Negros; when this trust shatters or wears away, institutions collapse”, Orola added.

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