Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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HomePRESS RELEASEIN FULL: Leonardia receives info of "fake" VCMs in Bacolod City

IN FULL: Leonardia receives info of “fake” VCMs in Bacolod City

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Mayor Evelio Leonardia today renewed his call on Bacolodnons to remain vigilant amid unconfirmed information relayed to him by a “distinguished personality” that fake vote counting machines (VCMs) will be allegedly used during the counting at the close of the polling precincts by 7 tonight.

He, however, did not identify the said personality when pressed by reporters after casting his votes at Precinct No. 0227A at the Education and Training Center School III past 3 p.m. together with First Lady Elsa Leonardia and daughter, Kara.

“We have no strong evidence as of yet, but we should not take things lightly,” Leonardia told newsmen.

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The election, he said, is everybody’s business and the integrity, dignity and soul of the people of Bacolod are at stake.

“Our future is at stake here,” the mayor continued.

He repeatedly appealed to residents to be on full alert as he was cautioned late Sunday night that there are individuals who are bringing in unofficial VCMs.

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He said the entire Grupo Progreso is alarmed as, talks about the fake VCMs surfaced including the specific place where they will be operated.

“We have to take care and be careful of what we do during elections, especially during the counting. The tip came from someone who is not a joker and is respected in the community. Because of this, we are taking it with some seriousness but, at the same time, we are not concluding things,” the mayor added.

He also reminded the source to coordinate with the police should new leads surface regarding the fake VCMs.

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Leonardia described this year’s polls as “generally peaceful.”

“I believe that people voted according to their conscience and chose who they think are the right people for the right positions. The kind of leaders that we will elect will determine the kind of life and future that we will have here in Bacolod,” Leonardia said.

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