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In Full. Bizman, sibling pursue Sicogon lot claim

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – A businessman and his sister  here are pursuing their ownership claim over a parcel  of land in Sicogon island believed to be part of a 809-hectare landholding developed  under a joint venture agreement.

Patrick Miguel ‘PM’ Montilla and his sister, Tizza, said they are not against any development in Sicogon island,  all they want is that  their parcel of land inherited from their father and believed to be part of that  809 hectares being developed by a joint venture between Ayala Land and Sicogon Development Corporation be identified.

sicogon owners

The siblings,  in a press conference Sunday, expressed  dismay how their 2.9 hectare property seem to have ” disappeared into thin air”.

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Patrick Miguel is  the Judicial Administrator and Heir of the Intestate Estate of their fathee, the late Enrique Montilla Jr.

With the Montilla siblings in the presscon were    their lawyers – Christine Espinosa,  Gerry Llena and Jubert Katalbas.

Patrick Miguel also expressed concern to those who may want to acquire lots on the island  and cautioned them as their property claim is currently in court.

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He said he is not stopping anyone from buying lots on the island, he is just letting them know of the case to avoid possible problems later on.

The siblings also  recalled that there were previous efforts to buy them out of their property, which they said clearly indicates that they are being acknowledged as indeed owners of the 2.9 hectare property of their father as manifested  in the land title where their late father’s name appear.

Both also recalled the time they spent in Sicogon island when they were brought there by their father.

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Patrick Miguel also said he even informed Ayala Land of their property claim before any development took place.

Llena  believes they have a strong case.

“It’ a very very strong case, all the ingredients of ownership under the law are there, this is not only fighting for the legacy of their parents, this is exercising the basic ownership rights.

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