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In full: Army reports surrender of 24 NPA rebels

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Just In. The Army’s 94th Battalion reports 24 members of the Communist New People’s Army surrendered to them. Captain Eduardo D Rarugal Jr, 94th civil military officer says in a news release:

Twenty Four (24) members of the Communist NPA Terrorists operating in the areas of Central Negros surrendered to the troops of 94th Infantry Battalion, 2nd PMFC of the Philippine National Police and 32nd CMO Company and RMFB6 at the 94IB Headquarters in Barangay Tambo, Ayungon, Negros Oriental on November 12, 2022.


Accordingly, the NPAs decided to surrender because of the hunger and fatigue they have experienced from the series of armed encounters and the sustained combat operations of the Mandirigma troopers in their guerilla base leaving them no time to rest and regroup with their comrades. Furthermore, seeing their past comrades enjoying the benefits of their surrender made them realize the governments sincerity in giving them a second chance to be reunited with their families and start a peaceful and meaningful life.

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Ltc. Van Donald L Almonte, the 94IB Commander, thanked the surrenderees for trusting the Mandirigma troopers, he assured them that 94IB will help them process their Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) benefits and other government programs including livelihood and half-way houses.

surrender 02

The program started with the oath of allegiance to the government and was followed by the burning of the CPP – NPA – NDF flags to showcase their sincerity as they condemn the NPAs for their deception, lies and propaganda. They were furious that everything the NPA terrorists said about the military and the government were all lies in line with their tactics to arouse, organize, mobilize the masses to go against the Government while their leaders enjoy living in very luxurious life like sending their children to exclusive schools, travelling in foreign countries, living in subdivisions, driving luxury cars, and eating even more than others can.

During the program, @Aya, a member of the NPA, gave her sincerest gratitude to 94IB for giving them a chance to start again and continue living without fear of being captured by the government forces, without the fear of being betrayed by their comrades, and continue to live their lives normally and peacefully. Despite of this, @Aya appeals to her remaining comrades to surrender now in her local dialect.

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surrender 03

“Ang matuod-tood nga sundalo nga nag hatag sang ikaduhang chansa sa akon, kag ga tabang sa pumoluyu, wala gapamahug, wala gapamanit, wala gapangkakas sang kuko, wala gapang rape sa mga babae, nga baliskad sang gin hambal sang mga upod ko nga NPA, gani mga sir mga maam, madamo gid nga salamat sa inyo, gapay pa nga maging mapadayun ang pang higayat sa amon mga upod sa babaw, gapay pa sa mga kaupud ko, kay karun na ang panahun para magpa naug, indi nata cgig away nga kapwa Pilipino, dapat kita mag tinabangay, indi nga mag inaway, kag ang mga pumoloyu indi natun gipitun, kay biktima mana sila, biktamo man kamo,kay kita tanan biktima sa doctrina,nga wala man padulngan” – @Aya added.
Also, two other FRs exposed their darkest experience with the NPAs including sexual harassment and abandonment during the times when they are sick and tired of running against the pursuing government troops.

surrender ceremony

Meanwhile, BGEN INOCENCIO I PASAPORTE, the 303rd Bde Commander, congratulates the 24 surrenderees for making the right decision in returning to the folds of law and embracing the government programs, hence, he challenged them to do their part in spreading the news that the government is serious in giving them the second chance they deserve.

It can be recalled that on July 2, 2022, 19 NPAs also surrendered to 94IB and have already availed cash and educational assistance from the Local Government of Kabankalan City, Himamaylan City and the Province of Negros Occidental.

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Finally, MGEN BENEDICT M AREVALO, the 3rd Infantry Division Commander and the Guest Speaker of the event, said that the surrender of the 24 NPAs is a clear manifestation that the Communist NPA Terrorists morale is low and their ranks are crumbling down as most of their red fighters now choose to surrender to be reunited with their families.

“We are happy that you have returned to the government, because fighting in a worthless armed struggle without a slim chance of victory is nonsense, as I said earlier, there are only three endings for an NPA rebel, 1. NPA who surrender to live a peaceful and meaningful life, 2. NPA who were captured and spend their lives in regret behind bars and 3. NPA who died in combat without realizing that they are all deceived by black propaganda. The government is always open for those who want to surrender, the Army, the PNP and all other agencies will help you change your life”. Mgen. Arevalo added.

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