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Help LSIs stranded in Manila, governor urged

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Negros Occidental Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson was urged to look after the plight of the Locally-Stranded Individuals in Metro Manila.

Dozens of LSIs are stranded in a 2Go facility in Metro Manila.  | Photo from Rodge Merida Colde
Dozens of LSIs are stranded in a 2Go facility in Metro Manila. | Photo from Rodge Merida Colde

The LSIs have already been stranded in Metro Manila since 28 June – or two weeks now – and had been sleeping in a 2Go facility, with no resources to spend for lodging and food, Rodge Merida Colde said in an open letter to the governor which she furnished to local media.

“Sir… [p]lease help them. [A] lot of them are senior citizens, kids, nursing women, etc. Please allow them to go home. Maawa na po kau sa kalagayan nila (Have pity on their plight). They are vulnerable members of the society who could get contaminated with their current situation now,” Colde added.

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Earlier, the province had stopped receiving trips especially from Manila and Cebu, as most of the new confirmed cases of CoViD-19 are LSI’s from these two areas.

Colde, however, said that the moratorium had caused a new set of problems, “and may stir up more as everyday these people are exposed with the possibility of contagion”.

“I know it has been you utmost duty to protect the Negrenses but please don’t forget your LSI constituents,” the letter added.

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The LSIs also cannot afford to pay for sweeper flights, thus a 2Go vessel is the only recourse for them.

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