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H.O. Market: Helping Others, helping you

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – From a successful first run of H.O. Market, Dungganon Bank Inc. (DBI) and Dungganon Employees Credit Cooperative (DECC) and Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF) is excited for its next H.O. market.

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Instead of buying in the crowded market, NWTF and DBI Head Offices’ Staff and other members of the public, buys food packs, vegetables and snacks, etc. from clients. Photo was taken during the first H.O. Market last 11 June, 2020.| Photo from NWTF

“We tapped 17 clients this time to showcase their products, from vegetables to fruits, food packs, snacks and seafood, all of these products are made available,” shared Joanne Radan, Dungganon Employees Credit Cooperative and organising committee representative.

The H.O. Market will be supported by the local barangay and residents of the Barangay 30 and 33 are welcome to avail of the products from the clients.

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Businesses around the world, regardless of how big or small they are- each one has been badly hit by COVID-19. Millions have lost their jobs and numerous establishments have closed.

C DSCF3068
The parking lot of Dungganon Bank Inc. along San Sebastian – Verbena Streets, Bacolod City became a venue for a safe market, less crowded than public ones. | Photo sent by NWTF

“Majority of our clients are micro-entrepreneurs and with the H.O. Market, we aim to provide more opportunities for them. We want to help them restart their business by giving them an additional venue where they can market and sell their products. A chance to meet with other entrepreneurs and engage with our very own staff. Hoping that through this avenue, they will not only earn enough for the needs of their family, but will also be inspired to help others grow their businesses,” said Raymond Serios, DBI General Manager.

J IMG 9796
Fresh produce, such as this one sold last 11 June, 2020 are made available at the parking lot of Dungganon Bank Inc., along 102 San Sebastian – Verbena Streets, 6100, Bacolod City. | Photo from NWTF

Just in time for the International Day of Micro, Small, Medium sized Enterprises (MSME) celebration tomorrow 27 June, 2020.  The Dungganon Family (DBI, DECC and NWTF) joins the rest of the world in commemorating this day.

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“Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have a very important role in developing the Philippine economy. They help reduce poverty by creating jobs for the country’s growing labor force. They stimulate economic development in rural and far-flung areas. They serve as valuable partners to large enterprises as suppliers and providers of support services. They serve as breeding grounds for new entrepreneurs and large corporations. A vibrant MSME sector is thus an indication of a thriving and growing economy.” – The MSME sector, At A Glance, Senate of the Planning Office, Senate of the Philippines, March 2012

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