Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Gamboa: Psychosocial support needed for govt officials

Philippine Councilors League Representative Board Member Ryan Gamboa believed government officials should undergo psychosocial counseling amidst the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.

In an exclusive interview, Gamboa told DNX that officials are not immune to the stress brought by the current pandemic so they should have the option to get the necessary psychosocial support.

Board member Ryan Gamboa. | Photo by Ronald Ian Evidente
Board member Ryan Gamboa. | Photo by Ronald Ian Evidente

He added that stress from the work of the officials may also affect them on their personal lives so they may also undergo psychosocial support sessions to ensure their mental wellness.

“If the stress gets too much especially that you are being bombarded by problems from your community, and you have to deal with them, and sometimes it hits close to home that even your own family and friends are affected,” said Gamboa.

Meanwhile, the board member has called on the public to remain vigilant and follow minimum health protocols until a cure for Covid-19 is found.

“The vaccine only offers a temporary reprieve. The way I look at it is, people should still have to be vigilant, and be careful and observe proper health and safety protocols,” he said.

Neska A. Centina
Neska A. Centina
On her way to obtaining a Juris Doctor degree and has worked the newsrooms of major news organizations in Bacolod and Manila. She is now the public life reporter of DNX.


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