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Flying discs, snatching wins

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The Philippine Frisbee the Pilipinas Ultimate, clinched the championship trophy for the 1st Thailand Invitational Ultimate Tournament 2022.

Carl Jeremy Nayon
Carl Jeremy Nayon

The cherry on top of sweet deal? One of the players, Carl Jeremy Nayon, is a Bacolodnon.

Carl Jeremy and his teammates, a 22-man team led by captain Hubberth Kristian Guerrero, gave an impressive show in Thailand yesterday, 29 August 2022 with convincing wins against teams they are pitted against, until they finally faced off with Malaysia.

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Carl Jeremy, known as Bodj among close friends and family, has always been in love with the sport for as long as she can recall.

“He’s very dedicated, very passionate about [frisbee],” Camille “Camsey” Nayon-Belzunce tells DNX.

Camsey reveals she and Bodj have been quite close as siblings so she felt a different sense of pride when she received the good news that his team won as champions in the international frisbee tilt.

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“This is his first international competition so I was really quite proud not just for him but as Filipino as well,” Camsey shares, adding that Bodj had been waiting for the opportunity to compete in an international tourney since the chance slipped by when the Beach Frisbee tourney that was supposed to be slated last February was canceled.

Hernane Treyes, Bodj’s brother-in-law, says the latter has been playing the sport since he was in high school.

Bodj has since graduated from a university here, and has found a job in Teleperformance.

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But his dedication to the sport has not waned.

And, as affirmed by the latest, it is not likely that Bodj will hang up his discs.

At least not yet.

Not when the game is just starting.

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