Monday, May 23, 2022
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Fish prices sink this week

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Prices of fish and other marine products have started to sink this week for the first time after the Yuletide season.

Mel Lona, Nora Amihan and Rowena Doroman are fish and seafood vendors at Burgos Public Market, one of the three major public markets here.

Toloy. | DNX file photo.
Toloy. | DNX file photo.

They said prices of fish and seafood products have started going down this week compared to last week.

Lona said fish is now cheaper than last week, because of the change in supply a month after Odette, a powerful atorm, hit the province.

Doroman added the prices of fish and seafood depend largely on supply.

If they have limited supply, prices go up but if they have enough stocks the price is lowered.

On the other hand, Amihan’s opinion about the sudden change of fish and other seafood prices depends on the wind and moon color.

According to them the prices of milk fish varies from P220 to P280 per kilo, asuos P280-P350 per kilo, salmonete P260 per kilo , bilong-bilong P180 per kilo, abo-abo P280 per kilo, bulaw-bulaw P200 per kilo, squid P320 per kilo, and shrimp P350 per kilo.

Efrelen Libres
Efrelen Libres
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