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FEATURES | Anthony’s Garden: Green Paradise in the city

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The novel coronavirus has brought entire economies to a halt, forcing establishments to reduce workforce, while those suddenly out of jobs — or those simply bored out of their skulls doing nothing — have to venture into cooking, or baking, or selling online.

Others tried new hobbies like painting, singing, or dancing.

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green and leafy

Others resort to gardening. From the controversial badyang to the much-mocked succulents, to fruit trees.

And so the plantito/plantita was born.


Anthony’s Garden offers hundreds of plants for the budding gardener.

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Located along Felisa Road, Mansilingan, it has other spaces in Caridad, Bago City, as well as Barangay Road, Estefania.

green crown

The Garden is managed by Anthony Chavez, whose wife Eva Grace is a professor of Natural Sciences in the University of St. La Salle.


Eva Grace tells DNX that Anthony’s Garden started as a hobby.

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“It was not intended [to be a commercial venture],” she says.

red crown

Eventually though they were forced to sell since “some people got interested and the plants got too many”.

Plants range from varieties of philodendrons and foliage anthurium, such as anthurium plowmanii and genmanii as well as aglaonemas and ferns.

tanom na green

“The pandemic has changed the way people look at ornamental plants especially philodendrons and foliage anthurium which were not usually given attention before,” she reveals.

green and leafy 2

An improvement in sales have shown that people’s interests in plants are picking up now.

For inquiries and orders, please check this Facebook page.

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