Monday, March 4, 2024
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GUEST COLUMN: Education under the New Normal

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We don’t know when this COVID 19 crisis will end.

Will the crisis end after one year, two years, or more ?

Will our schools be closed during said period ?

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An alternative school program must be in place.

Now, if schools will be open, it should be designed to strictly adopt to social distancing and the wearing of facemasks and additional safety protocols.

How should government impose social distancing ? To limit the school population by 50%, school attendance could now be limited to three times a week. If we want to further cut down the school population to 33%, school attendance could be at two days per week.

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The rest of the week will be for home readings and assignment.

The school population must be strictly controlled.

New schools should be built.

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Mass transport must strictly adhere to social distancing.

Another option is for internet schooling.

Humanity needs to adjust.

The education of our children is important for their and society’s future.

To those, who are not in favor out of fear of their childrens safety, they have the option not to enroll their children until such time that they will trust the new normal.

The risks are there.

Yet, options must be presented.

How to proceed is still a matter of individual choice.

For me ? I have no decision yet.

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