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DOH Sitrep: RP has 9,054 active cases; Bacolod, Neg Occ have 50 pending results

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The Department of Health has recorded at least 9,054 active cases as of 17 May, with majority (8,059) of the patients exhibiting mild symptoms, a national situationer posted in the Department of Health social media page reveals.

Meanwhile, in Negros Occidental, the Department of Health Western Visayas has recorded nine cases since start of monitoring, seven of which are repatriates.  Four have recovered and the rest are facility-quarantined.

Confirmed Cases

Bacolod so far has 12 confirmed cases since start of monitoring, with three of these cases repatriates. Of the 12, six have recovered, three died, and three are currently facility quarantined.

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There are also 104 Persons under Monitoring in Bacolod as of May 18, with 37 suspect cases since start of monitoring.  Of the 37, 24 are currently treated as out-patients, 12 currently admitted, and 1 death with 30 pending results.

Person Under Monitoring

There are currently 30 pending results, 23 of which were sent today.

Total Specimen Sent 1

Meanwhile, in the province of Negros Occidental, there are currently 606 Persons Under Monitoring.  Of the number, the top five are Sagay (124), Hinobaan (62), Cadiz (44), Calatrava (41), and Kabankalan (41).

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Since 13 March, the Provincial Government data said that 489 specimens so far have been sent to the lab, with 460 of this number testing negative, nine positive, while 20 are still pending.


Meanwhile, a national situationer by DOH revealed that total of 2,314 (19% of all cases) healthcare workers have been affected by COVID-19, with 938 recoveries and 35 deaths. Of the number 1,341 of those cases are active.

The DOH sitrep also revealed that of the number, 841 are nurses, 671 are physicians, 144 are nursing assistants, 84 are medical technologists, 42 are radiologic technologists, are 284 are non-medical staff.

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The Department of Foreign Affairs also reported that there are a total of 2,397 confirmed cases involving Overseas Filipinos Workers, with the highest count being in Europe (723 cases).

As of 17 May, 2020, a total of 400 repatriate vessels were processed. Of these, 56 vessels arrived with a total of 13,961 repatriates under quarantine directly supervised by Bureau of Quarantine for monitoring and the police for security; while 344 vessels with a total of 18,996 repatriates are under quarantine directly supervised by Overseas Workers Welfare Administration for monitoring and Philippine Coast Guard for security. Currently, there are 67 vessels being processed.


The DOH sitrep meanwhile revealed that so far, the country has 30 licensed laboratories that are equipped to perform the RT-PCR test for COVID-19 while six (6) laboratories are now licensed to perform COVID-19 testing using GeneXpert cartridges.

Based on data gathered from DOHDataCollectApp, the overall capacity to manage and admit COVID-19 patients is “still adequate” with more than 50 percent beds and mechanical ventilators in ICU, isolation, and COVID wards available.


Meanwhile, the DOH encourages the “new normal” and these are the adherence  to the prescribed minimum health standards in the workplace.   This includes the wearing face masks, practice hand hygiene and proper coughing manners, and maintain physical distancing.

Offices/workplace must be regularly disinfected, especially regularly used equipment and supplies.

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