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DNX FOOD | No Sugar Daddy: Indulging minus the guilt

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Bacolod has earned the reputation for good food.

And yes, we are not talking about fast food either. We are talking about homegrown businesses built from the ground up, offering a gamut of choices from the usual batchoy, to the deconstructed kare-kare, to the lechon manok broiling in its own juices, or the home-made ice creams made from carabao’s milk, chocolate, and whimsy.

All good. All heaven to the palate. All unhealthy and well capable of raising blood sugar levels to new heights, or offering a path to cardiovascular diseases (hello heart attack!).

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And then there is No Sugar Daddy.

Located along 59 BS Aquino Drive, the café serves everything that is “low carb, no sugar, and keto-friendly”.

In other words, a diabetic’s haven.

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Yes. At No Sugar Daddy, you can have your cake and eat it too. Literally.

“Everything at No Sugar Daddy starts from scratch,” part-owner Paolo Sanson tells DNX.

Fried chicken
Buttermilk Fried Chicken — three pieces of juicy buttermilk fried chicken in almond flour and parmesan cheese. Served with a side of buttered toast and coleslaw. Photo taken with permission from No Sugar Daddy Facebook Page

Paolo admits that he and his partner had their own sugar levels in mind they conceptualized the biz October of last year.

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“My business partner is a diabetic, I am very prone to be diabetic,” he shares. His father, see, has diabetes, while grandmother passed from complications due to the disease.

In other words, Paolo is one sugar cube away from being diabetic.

Thus, No Sugar Daddy’s menu is a well-mapped plan, a healthy diet based off everything loved by a sweet-toothed connoisseur (otherwise known as the average Bacolodnon) crossed with habits of the health conscious.

The almond flour pasta and sandwiches that are diabetic- and keto- friendly. Photos used with permission from No Sugar Daddy Facebook page

Thus, the keto friendly breads and ice creams, and the no-sugar and low-carb cakes that Paolo swears “taste like the real deal”.

Did I say that in No Sugar Daddy you can have your cake and eat it too?

That’s because the café uses coconut flour, and almond flour, both recommended alternatives for refined white flours.

Wayne Cheeseburger
John Wayne Cheeseburger — a quarter pounder with cheese. Photo taken with permission from No Sugar Daddy’s Facebook Page

No Sugar Daddy is also apparently averse to short cuts. Everything in the menu is made from scratch including those lovely, plump breads that are as chewy as anything made from refined flours, butter, and truck-loads of extenders.

Not surprising then that when the café opened just December of last year, place was flooded by the health-conscious, or those with insulin pens on standby at every meal.

Because really, who wouldn’t want to experience all that goody sweetness minus the guilt (or the prohibitive cost of metformin)?

Paolo notes that majority – or at least seven out of 10 – of the customers are women, most of which want to lose weight.

Their best-sellers are the breads and cakes, although their home-made ice creams are also catching up.

The pandemic might have slowed down business a bit but Paolo and his partner are undeterred. Especially since No Sugar Daddy has generated enough buzz for the fit, and for those who want to be fit but want to continue enjoying the finer things in life (read: cakes and ice creams and all things delectable).

So who says that you cannot have your cake and eat it too?

Because in No Sugar Daddy, you can do exactly that.

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