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DNX FEATURES | Riverside College: More than just nurses and doctors

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Why be employed when you can have your own business?

Perhaps, we have heard of tales of young business mavens, who seemingly overnight have turned their fledgling businesses into massive crowd-drawers, or of hip young owners of cafes who have stumbled upon the secret formula to success.


The success stories are all meant to inspire, to teach us the values of hard work, of determination, of striking the proverbial iron while it is hot.

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Some of these businesses were already given head starts; others truly are borne out of the right opportunity, an acute business sense.

And of course, the right education.

Why BS Enterpreneurship? Well, why not? Here are the advantages of enrolling in the program. Image furnished to DNX by Riverside College.

Riverside College does exactly that by offering Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, and their BS in Business Administration.

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The college has already been known for its quality medical courses, and now is offering more, much more.

Riverside Planning and Data Privacy Officer Angela Erbite tells DNX that the college has now expanded to include business and entrepreneurship programs.

“We are offering these programs to give students a leg up should they want to start their own business,” she says.

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What are the advantages of enrolling in the BS Administration program in Riverside College? Here is the list. Image furnished to DNX by Riverside College.

Because indeed, why be a mere worker when you can be your own boss, own your time, as well as be given an opportunity to flex your own ideas in a tech-driven market?


Riverside College offers a lot of opportunities for its students.

For one, enrolees in the program would get a chance to interact with real-life entrepreneurs from small, media, and large scale business.

A big plus of course is to the opportunity to develop communication skills by building and managing teams while learning language with gadgets, as well as nurture digital skills through tech-savvy classes using learning management systems, Microsoft office based and online management apps, or even an using Apple (tech really is big with Riverside, having pioneered the iPad program a few years ago with their Senior High students).

A big come-on is the professors of the program all of whom are running their own business (yup, kids, learn from the pros!).

Students are also given the chance to do actual hands on through job shadowing program and business plan making.


For the would-be managers, Riverside College also has the BS in Business Administration,

Program offers intensive training and management competencies, as well as a chance to development communication skills (essential!), along with digital skills classes using a learning management system, Microsoft-based and online management apps.

The college also offers real industry exposures from first to fourth year, plus of course business ad professors with legitimately good management experiences in various private and public sectors.

Internships can be had in local, regional, and national sectors.

This means that, with very promising and burgeoning programs in business and entrepreneurship, in the very near future, Riverside College will soon be producing businessmen, entrepreneurs, traders, managers, primary movers in trade and industry.

Think of it as RC’s new normal.

The College is truly connecting everyone to the future.

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