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DNX FOCUS | Bacolod averages 70 cases per day last week

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Bacolod City has 489 new confirmed cases over the past seven days (24 to 30 August 2020), averaging 70 cases per day, data from the Department of Health Western Visayas show.

This brings the total number of cases in Bacolod City since start of monitoring to 1,218.  Of the number, 729 are active; 710 of the active cases are local transmissions; the rest are Locally Stranded Individuals, Returning Overseas Filipinos or Authorized Persons Out of Residence. This means that 40 percent of the total cases were from last week alone.

Over the same seven-day period, Bacolod also recorded 207 new recoveries and six deaths.

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The table below shows the number of local active cases in Bacolod over the past week.

Bacolod Local Active Cases

The data show a steady spike in the number of local active cases, showing only a slight dip in 26 August (from 460 a day before, to 387).  As new cases are recorded with lower number of recoveries, active cases continue to rise.

Bacolod LSI ROF APOR cases

The data on active LSI/ROF/APOR (or imported cases according the World Health Organization) showed two dips in the number (from 31 in 25 August to 16 the next day; and from 18 last 27 August to 7 the next day) before rising again on the last day of monitoring (19 on 30 August 2020).

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Comparison of Recoveries vs new cases

The table above meanwhile shows a comparison between the recoveries and the active cases in Bacolod during the past week.  As seen in the table, the highest number of recoveries over the same period show a peak last 26 August, followed by a slump the next day.  Bacolod recorded 207 total recoveries from 24 August to 30 August 2020.

August 26 was also the only day when the number of recoveries exceeded that of the new cases.

Meanwhile, for Negros Occidental has 225 new cases over the past seven days, averaging about 32 cases a day.  The province, over the same period, has 180 recoveries, and one death. 

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negros occidental local active cases

The table above shows a steady climb in local active cases for the past seven days, starting with 277 at the start of week, and 392 by weekend.

negros occidental LSO ROF APOR

Meanwhile, the table above shows that the  province has a slight increase in the number of active imported cases by mid-week (peaking at 263 by 27 August 2020), before dipping the next day at 169, and still dipping further at 132, before rising by 12 cases by end of the week.

negros occidental comaprison of recoveries vs new cases

The table above shows a comparison of data between new cases versus recoveries over the past week.  New cases peaked at 53 by week’s end, while the province’s number of recoveries peaked by midweek at 108 last 28 August 2020, before declining to 60, then to 10 by the week’s end.

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