Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Distrito backs Cong. Greg

Vice mayoral candidate Caesar Distrito has issued a statement a day after the “disengagement” of Grupo Progreso from Cong. Greg Gasataya. We print his statement in full:

Statement of Atty Caesar Distrito:

My take on the issue of Cong Greg Gasataya’s “official disengagement” initiated by GP

From the very start, Cong. Greg Gasataya i think was very clear and vocal that he will be NEUTRAL in the mayoralty position, the reason why he did not take a stand for the mayoralty post for reasons he had stated.

Klaro sa iya mga rasunes nga wala sya sang pili-an sadto nga tyempo. In saying nga neutral, he will not support also any of the candidates. But it doesn’t mean he cannot be supported by any candidates, including the mayor, vice mayor and councilors.

Our mayoralty candidate in Team Asenso Bacolod, ALBEE BENITEZ, was very clear when he explicitly declared that he will vote for Cong Greg, even if Greg is in the other camp or will be neutral or much better, in case he will join Asenso Bacolod. According to him, his choice for Greg are anchored on the strength of performance and character. He noted that Greg had brought tremendous development to Bacolod City, including the much needed establishment and construction of Bacolod General Hospital, from being the main author, up to the lobbying and securing of funds to materialize and make it a reality.

Butigon ang indi sini makakita. Lantawa nyo ang nahimo ni Greg sa Bacolod City. In his 2 terms, he had hundreds of projects. This includes the Economic Highway, roads and bridges, school buildings, and the upcoming hospital. Not to mention pana da ang mga linibo nga pamilya sang mga namatyan nga iya nabuligan, sa mga naga masakit nga kinahanglan ipabulong, sa mga nawad an trabaho nga natagaan ayuda pareho sa TUPAD, kag madamo pa.

Anyway, whether they will support Cong Greg or not, the overwhelming majority of the Barangay Captains, Kagawads and political leaders will be supporting him. Also, Surveys show that the general public are overwhelmingly supporting him and his lead is unprecedented. Ila mana surveys or iya sang mga media companies.

Pero ila ya rasun, kay ang color sang billboard kuno PUTI. Ay pwerte man ba. Ka petty nga rasun. Ti sila ya ginapatulon man gani nila ang ila kandidato. Also, una pa lang gina pwersa na nila ang mga brgy officials nga mag saylo digto gani pero wala gid ga react ang isa. Galing subong, kaladlawan lang nga una pa sila ya react nga sila gani ang naga ubra sina.

So my stand on this issue, is also the same as what my Mayoralty candidate, Albee Benitez, had took from Day One. I will vote for Greg, whether he joins us, or not, and whether he will support me as Vice Mayor or not. I will vote for him because of his competence, character and performance 💙💙💙

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