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Curfew on; check-up points and other changes to general guidelines to community quarantine out

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – The Bacolod City government has released today the implementing rules and regulations of the community quarantine, including curfew hours, and early closure of business establishments.

Executive Order 22, issued by Mayor Evelio Leonardia identified restrictions on “non-essential” entry of people in the city.


The following are exempted from the ban: out-of-towners who report for work in Bacolod during the weekday (provided they present a valid company ID), Bacolod residents who work out of town (provided a valid company ID is presented),

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medical or health workers in the performance of their duties; people travelling for medical or humanitarian reasons; authorized government officials/employees in the performance of their duties;

people providing basic services, and egressing and returning delivery personnel of business establishments based either in Bacolod or out-of-town.

Should any individual covered by the ban or not exhibit flu-like symptoms, the following guidelines are implemented: out-of-towners would be asked to return to their place of residence;

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Bacolod residents are disallowed to leave the city, and would be endorsed to the Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams, or the City Health Office for proper handling;

Returning residents who exhibit these same symptoms are advised to do the same.

Under the IRR, “check up points” would be put up in strategic areas and manned by police, with the assistance of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the CHO or any other pertinent government agency.

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Curfew hours, meanwhile, will start from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. of the following day.

Exemptions are: medical personnel and persons needing emergency medical help; night-shift workers at pharmacies and drugstores; security guards, BPO workers; public utility emergency personnel; firefighters and other disaster relief personnel; priests and ministers performing last rites or sacraments, and public utlity drivers servicing all of the above.

Businesses are also advised to close early (8 p.m.), except for BPOs, medical centers, hospitals, other health care establishments, pharmacies, and funeral parlors.

They are advised to adopt flexible working hours.

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