Crimes and the city: Man complains of voyeurism, student finds syringe in snack dip


BACOLOD CITY – A man complained against a co-employee who he claimed posted his nude photos on social media while a student found a needle tip in her snack dip.

The 24-year-old complainant told police officer Senior Master Sgt. Sherwin Rojas that his 30-year-old team mate in a call center posted last November 1 his nude photos on her Facebook account.

DNX is withholding the identities of both parties to protect their privacy.

The blotter said “this incident brought shame to the herein complainant.”

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Johnelyn Bellote told Rojas she found the tip of a syringe needle in the dip of a popular corn tortilla snack.

The college co-ed said they brought Nachos and milktea “for takeout.”

It was not specified who her companions were.

The blotter reported “upon their consumed,” they discovered the small tip of a syringe needle.

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