New positive cases won’t affect city-level quarantine status, authorities probe Patient 18 travel

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – New COVID-positive cases will not affect the city-wide quarantine level but local authorities here will continue to take steps to control the spread of the disease. (READ: Health authorities to isolate Bacolod’s Patient 18 today, contact tracing on)

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Vice-Mayor El Cid Familiaran, head of the city’s Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging and Infectious Diseases, told DNX the discovery of new positive cases here, will not immediately mean a return to an enhanced quarantine level after it was downscaled to a modified general level on 1 June 2020 after a month of ECQ.

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Familiaran noted even the quarantine level in Metro Manila, the national capital, had been maintained at a GCQ level and containment, through lockdowns are being done, on a barangay-wide scale.

This city has a population of more than half a million and, according to Mayor Evelio Leonardia, is the most dense city in Western Visayas region.

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It also has the highest number of confirmed cases, 18 so far, in the province.

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