Bacolod’s Patient 3 dies of “cardiogenic shock”


Bacolod’s Patient 3 dies earlier today, 3 May, 2020 due to “cardiogenic shock secondary to fatal arrhythmia”.

The antecedent cause of his death was a cerebrovascular infarct, commonly known as a stroke, an advisory from Inter-Agency Task Force spokesperson physician Grace Tan said.

Patient 3 was the son of Patient 6, a 62-year-old female who died of COVID-related complications last 31 March, 2020. He had a travel history to Quezon City, and Manila.

Tan clarified that Patient 3 should not be classified as a COVID death — unlike Patients 6 and 8 — as his succeeding re-test results had been negative before he died.

Patient 3, a 40-year-old male, was admitted 19, March 2020, and deisolated 10 April after testing negative in RT-PCR tests.

The IATF, in their regular advisory, had declared him recovering and stable.

He expired after six weeks of being in the hospital.

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