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CENECO whole-day power interruptions on Saturday, Sunday in selected areas

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Central Negros Electric Cooperative, Inc. in its advisory to consumers connected to Sum-ag Feeder 2 and Hilangban Feeders 1 to 4, said that maintenance activities will be conducted on 12 September, Saturday, and 13 September, Sunday.

“This is to ensure reliability of distribution lines to avoid further serious damages that will result to major interruptions,” the power utilities firm said.

Power interruption in selected areas on Saturday will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Areas Affected are portions of SF2 areas from Highway going to the sub-village proper of the village of Dulao, including the Barangay Hall, elementary, high school, the sub-villages of Reola, Pahu, Macasa, Pucatod and Pag-asa.

Reasons include conversion of 25 spans one-phase to three-phase primary lines and mid-span erection of additional one 35ft. pole (to correct long spanning) with its accessories;

replacement of eight 35-foot rotten poles and its accessories (to be converted into 3-phase); and

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installation of three 100kVa distribution transformers (platform) together with its primary metering at the sub-village of Pahu, village of Dulao, Bago City.

On Sunday, power will be out from 7 am to 4 p.m.

Areas affected are HF1 Portion of Brgy Lag-asan, village of Balingasag, Bago City College, subvillage of Kapahuan 1 and 2, Bago City Hospital, subvillage of Santan, San Esteban Phase 2, Sta. Catalina Subdivision, village of Sampinit, CF1, CF2, San Gabriel Subd., Villa Cristita, Carmella Homes, sub-village of Camingawan, sub-village of San Francisco, Calumanggan village, sub-villages Flower, and Paraiso, Taloc village, sub-village of Newton, Cawayanan.

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HF2 The whole area of Bago City including San Esteban Phase 1, Poblacion, Pta. Playa, the sub-villages of Batad, and Malipayon, Baywalk;

HF3 Crossing Ubay, Bago Eco-Center, Humberto’s Resort, Hda. Pili, villages of Pacol, Bagroy, Sagasa, Caridad, Allanza, Don Jorge Araneta (Central Ma-ao);

HF4 Lag-asan relocation site, villages of Napoles, Malingin, Crossing Mining, Brgy. Ma-ao, Villa Cresteta, Bacong, Binobuhan, Mailum, Ilijan, Viva Mineral Water, Buenos Aires Resort, the village of Manghumay, PNOC-EDC.

Reasons of power interruption are preventive maintenance schedule of 10MVA power transformer and repair hotspot at Lag-asan substation, Hacienda Hilangban, village of Lag-asan, Bago City;

Replacement of rotten poles and line clearing covering Hilangban Feeders 1 to 4.

Electricity consumers are further advised to switch off electrical supply for safety reasons.

Consumers are also reminded to when electricity supply resumes, to provide allowance of about 10 to 15 minutes before switching on all electrical appliances and facilities to avoid power surge.

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