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CENECO interruptions: Five “long brownouts” in first two months

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The first two months of the year has seen five days — weekends — of power interruptions among Central Negros Electric Cooperative consumers, with one power outage lasting for as long as nine hours.

Data gathered by DNX show that last January and February, areas covered and serviced by power firm experienced scheduled power outages, with the shortest of such an outage at three hours and the longest at nine hours.

The following are the details of the weekend interruptions including the date, length of time, and the reasons given.

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January 22. Interruption from 9 am to 12 noon in areas connected to Alijis Feeder 3. The reasons were erection of one 40ft primary concrete pole and installation of primary assembly in order to indent primary line from unknown erected street light for reliability;
Conversion of three-phase crossarm assembly to alleyarm three-phase primary assembly to indent primary lines from ongoing building construction for safety; and, tree clearing activities.

January 23. Interruption from 9 am to 11am in areas connected to Mountain View Feeders 1 and 3.

Reasons are the re-installation of detached primary lines to primary assembly for safety and reliability of power; and, tree clearing activities.

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January 27. Interruption from 9 am to 1 pm in certain areas connected to Hilangban Feeder 3. Reasons are emergency resagging of two separate spans of three-phase primary line with its secondary line that was hit by a tree during typhoon Odette

February 13. Interruption from 7 am to 4 pm in areas connected to Alijis Feeders 1 to 7 and Murcia Feeders 1 and 2.

Reasons are NGCP energizing Alijis 69kV totalizer; CENECO conducting preventive maintenance, correction/repair, resting of Alijis subscription 30MVA power transformer; and Replacement of rotten poles and line clearing Alijis Feeders 1 to 7 and Murcia Feeders 1 and 2.

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February 19. Interruptions from 7 am to 11 am (in areas connected to Reclamation Feeders 1 to 5) and 7 am to 4 pm (in areas connected to ASDES Gonzaga Feeders 1 to 6).

Reasons are epair of hotspot at 69kV Primary Metering of Reclamation Substation, Reclamation Area, Brgy. 35, Bacolod City; preventive Maintenance Servicing of 30 MVA Power Transformer and repair hot spot, Cor. Mabini-Gonzaga Street, Brgy. 26, Bacolod City; Line clearing covering RF1 to RF5 and AGF1 to AGF6 Feeders; and, replacement of rotten poles covering RF1 to RF5 and AGF1 to AGF6 Feeders.

February 26. Interruption from 8 am to 12 noon in areas connected to Burgos Feeder 2.

Reasons are extension of 1-span 3-phase primary line; installation of primary line accessories and assemblies; installation of load break switch with its accessories and assemblies; transfiguration of 3-hase line and conversion to double dead end alley arm;

relocation of three 37.5kVa private-owned distribution transformers with its accessories and service wires to newly-erected pole; and opening and closing of disconnecting cut-out of lateral going to Megaworld Uppereast.

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