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Black Mirrored: A Surge of false Facebook identity

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Facebook investigations are underway over the apparent outrage of many users with duplicate or multiple false accounts.

Way back 2019, cyber-security experts had warned users about cloning, which is an attack against the giant social media platform.

The attacker created a script, a kind of algorithm that steals the user’s account information, images, and videos shared online and creating a new account using the stolen identity.

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By using this false account, a friend request was initiated on the targeted victim’s friends list and many of whom accepted. The attacker tends to become a real user account by building a reputable profile, manipulate your circle of friends, shutdown your real profile, try to make fee scams, or providing you some phishing links. 

The giant social media platform has an average of 2.6 billion monthly active users around the globe as of the first quarter of 2020 and many of those are false accounts.

The company takes down a lot of false accounts every year, so this is a good time to think about your privacy on what you share and what you click online.

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How will I know if my account has been cloned?

Your Facebook friends might reach out to tell you about the new or the same profile. 
Or you try to search your name in Facebook search bar.cloned

How to protect your account from this attack?

There is no assurance to protect yourself against cloning, but there are few things to consider to avoid it from happening.
1. Do not share your private information. There are settings like show this by “Friends of Friends”, “Restricted” or “Only Me”. 
2. Increase your privacy settings to reduce the information they can copy from you.
3. Make sure you hide your Friends List; this will prevent the attacker from being able to view all your vulnerable connections.cyber protect

If you find that your account has been cloned, kindly report it immediately to Facebook’s support dashboard.

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