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Bing sets stricter rules on PCP, HQP holders; delineates entrance, exit points and specific routes

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia has issued Executive Order No. 31 which regulates the entry and exit of persons or vehicles in Bacolod, especially with the use of the Provincial Car Passes while the city is under Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Salient points of the E.O., which are to be implemented on 22 April, are the following:

  • Only those with Household Quarantine Passes, Provincial Car Passes, and other city-issued passes are allowed within the city streets and public places to procure needed supplies, and provisions, as well as to continue providing basic public services to the public,
  • PCPs of holders who are residents of Bacolod shall be used for “home-to-work” and “work-to-home” and shall be subject to odd-even scheme;
  • Persons named in the passes should be on board the vehicle.  The odd-even scheme will be implemented (odd numbers shall be allowed entry/exit on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; even numbers shall be allowed entry/exit on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. only;
  • No PCPs shall be permitted on Sundays;
  • No additional PCPs shall be issued by the Provincial Government, “except on meritorious cases”.

Certain routes are also allowed for PCP users and HQP holders. 

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  • For those coming from the South to enter Bacolod.  After clearing check-up point at the boundary, motorists shall turn right into Araneta-Cegasco Road, in the village of Pahanocoy, taking the road towards the Circumferential Road to exit at the Ruins or to continue towards Talisay;
  • For those coming from the North to enter Bacolod City.  Motorists on the Lacson Highway shall turn left to the entrance if the Ruins Road going towards the Airport Access Road, then straight southward of the Circumferential Road up to or to exit through the Araneta-Cegasco Road towards Barangay Sum-ag;
  • For those coming to Murcia to enter Bacolod. After clearing the check-up point at the boundary, motorists shall proceed to the Circumferential Road the Bacolod-Murcia Highway, and take either of the above routes mentioned earlier;
  • For those within Bacolod City.  Motorists shall use any road or street within the city, proceed to the Circumferential Road, and take either of the routes mentioned earlier.

Exemptions to the odd-even scheme with or without the PCPs would be for government employees, medical and health workers, other frontliners, and employees residing outside of Bacolod, but coming to work in essential businesses.  They are to present their employment IDs, and preferably wearing their office uniforms.

Workers who live in Bacolod but have to leave out of town shall be granted the same exemptions.

Movement of cargos shall remain unhampered.  Other exemptions are medical emergencies destined for hospitals, and emergency and rescue services.  Others include medical check-ups, dialysis procedures or laboratory procedures, and purchase of medicines.

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Those exempted should present their valid IDs upon entry, and shall be properly logged indicating thei time of entry and purpose, along with the recording of their vehicle details, description, and plate numbers.

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