Monday, July 4, 2022
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Be in the know, avoid scams

The following is an advisory from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Bacolod extension office.

We are printing it in full.

THE S.E.C. REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE issued to corporations and partnerships is not a license to promote and to invite investments from the public. What the certificate means: 1. the corporation’s name is registered, 2. the purpose/s are approved and, 3. for corporations and partnerships to operate based only on the stated purposes in its Articles of Incorporation.

If the corporation’s purpose is to conduct trading of goods it means, its primary purpose is to sell. It should promote the products rather than the “projected profits”. It should not highlight on “pay outs” but the quality of the goods the company intends to sell. The products promoted should bear the manufacturing details so its consumers will know where to report any complaints on the use of products detrimental to their health and safety.

The public is warned not to invest with corporations even those which are S.E.C. registered AND which are without the secondary license issued by the Head Office of the Commission. Intelligent investors are careful thus, they check with S.E.C. before parting with their money.

But to give your money to doubtful investment schemes even being invited by your friends and relatives who have invested and received some pay outs, without checking with S.E.C. has no one to blame but themselves. Why give your money to a corporation you hardly know and without checking its background with S.E.C.? Check with SEC is a free service by calling us at 445 5713 to 445 5714 OR to email us at: [email protected] and [email protected]

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