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Army organizes efforts to help typhoon-stricken areas

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The Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division is working with local government units and concerned government agencies in helping communities in Western and Central Visayas affected by Tropical Depression Agaton.

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response teams composed of 3ID officers, enlisted personnel, the paramilitary and reservists were deployed to mitigate the effects of the typhoon.

The 303rd Brigade also deployed its HADR teams in coordination with the Municipal Disaster Coordinating Council to save lives and protect properties as well as help minimize damage brought by storm.

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HADR efforts include manpower and transportation assistance during preemptive evacuation, rescue operations, road clearing, and preparation and distribution of relief goods to affected families and individuals.

3rd Infantry Division Commander Major General Benedict Arevalo said the safety and security of the people of Western and Central Visayas is their main priority during disasters and calamities.

Arevalo added that the 3ID is employing its HADR capabilities to ensure the safety of the people.

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“With the unceasing support of our soldiers, reservists, and collaboration with concerned government agencies, we will continue to extend the needed assistance to affected communities if Typhoon Agaton,” said MGen Arevalo.

Soldiers from two battalions and a company have worked together with 552nd Engineering Combat Battalion in Pansy (sic) for road clearing operations for easy assistance and disaster response to affected provinces of Iloilo and Capiz.

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