Saturday, April 13, 2024
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A partnership for the greater good

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CSR Insights is honored to be considered a partner of DNX, the Digital News Exchange.

Primarily led by veteran investigative journalist Julius D. Mariveles as Executive Editor and CEO, DNX fuses the discipline of paper-and-pen journalism with new media through its news team composed of both veterans and new blood.

Together, they lead a young, dynamic team of filmmakers, actors, and social media influencers who are all committed to bringing stories, informed opinions, and vital information about politics, culture, society, entertainment, and business.

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The prayer is for us to empower others, and like DNX Digital News Exchange, to dedicate passion and purpose for the greater good.

About CSR Insights

CSR Insights advocates for individuals and organizations engaged in corporate social responsibility, development and humanitarian work.

It does this by co-developing or enhancing their current programs or projects with assistance from people from various fields of expertise.

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CSR Insights through its website and social media accounts offers them online platforms where promotional materials may be published. Their stories can be featured on its online video interviews or in articles written as press releases.

For further promotion of their campaigns, CSR Insights connects them with members of the media, the blogging community and other entities willing to support their causes.

In the future, the plan is to implement CSR and capacity building programs about corporate social responsibility, public relations, advertising and other topics relevant to improving their meaningful initiatives.

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CSR Insights Founder Deivid Rioferio is a public relations practitioner, who is thankful for opportunities to manage corporate social responsibility programs and communication campaigns for various communities.

Sustaining these transformations call for relationships to be nurtured and for partnerships to be forged among individuals and organizations with shared values. From this emanates the ultimate goal of CSR Insights which is to inspire each other to do good.

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