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252 swab tests with pending results in Bacolod, Neg Occ; 2nd swab of Patient 5 turns out positive

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – There are 252 pending results for swab tests sent by local and provincial health offices here, official records show.

Of the number 130 are from Bacolod, and 122 from the province.

The Bacolod City Health Office also revealed that the second swab test for Patient 5 came out positive for COVID-19.

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Total number of specimens sent from Bacolod is 367 since start of monitoring. Of the number, 228 came out negative, and eight positive plus the second swab test of Patient 5.

Numbers from Negros Occidental meanwhile reveal that of the 295 sent, four came out positive, 169 negative. The rest are pending.

The CHO meanwhile reported that the five confirmed cases have recovered and these are Patients 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7. Patient 3 has been pronounced stable, but still admitted.

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Patient 5’s second swab still tested positive. Patients 6 and 8 had died.

As of this report, there are nine probable Probable Covid-19 mortalities with pending results and these are:

  • 66 year-old female, with co-morbid conditions, died 7 April; 31-year-old male, with co-morbid condition, died 12 April 12;22 year old male, with immunodeficiency disease, died 14 April; 30 year old male, died 17 April of respiratory failure; 68 year old, male with co-morbid condition, died 18 April 18;
  • 62 year old male, with co-morbid condition, died 19 April;
  • 43 year old, male, died 22 April; 48 year old, male with co-morbid condition, died 21 April 21; and 81year old male, with co-morbid, condition, died 18 April.

Meanwhile the total number of probable cases both admitted and OPD is 82. Of the number, 34 have improved, 17 are in home care, and 17 had died, with one new admission.

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There are 21 PUMs currently actively monitored, with three of PUMs developing symptoms.

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