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25 Meters Across: Blaze in Murcia town razes 16 houses, raises complaints of ‘delayed’ response vs. firefighters

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by Julius Mariveles and Mira Nicole Magbanua

MURCIA, Negros Occidental, Philippines – A morning fire here today, 11 April 2023, razed 16 houses and left many people homeless but also raised claims of delayed response of firefighters at the main fire station only 25 meters from the scene of the blaze.

The blaze, which happened in the center of this town, came amid rising summer heat that has breached normal levels so far and left at least 78 townsfolk now seeking temporary shelter in government facilities, among these health care centers.

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After firefighters of the town and volunteers from nearby Bacolod City and a liquor company were able to put out the blaze, some residents, including those who lost their homes, fanned claims on the alleged inefficiency of the Bureau of Fire personnel.

Hilna Aghon said she “heard” from neigbbors that the BFP was “delayed” in responding because the firefighters first had to “assemble” their hoses.

Jane Diamante, on the other hand, said she also “heard” talk of the firetruck running out of water but she was too busy getting her children to safety from out of their burning house.

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jane diamante
Jane Diamante. Photo by Banjo Hinolan.

She told DNX she got a scare when she realized she left behind one of her children sleeoing inside after she was able to bring her infant to safety.

Felizardo Daguob, 82, denied claims, on the other hand, that the blaze started from his house.

He even showed burns on his arms caused by trying to put out the fire along with his neighbors.

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Arson prober Fire Officer 3 Rona Magdaluyo, told DNX they had to wait first for power utility Central Negros Electric Cooperative to cut electrical connections in the area before the firefighters deployed.

rona magdaluyo
FO3 Rona Magdaluyo. Photo by Banjo Hinolan.

She said it was a step to ensure none of them woild get hurt.

Magdaluyo added one of their firetrucks did run out of water but while they were already battlung the blaze.

She also said their big water tanker has a water capacity good only for five minutes of firefighting after which it has to be refilled.

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