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Tour of the Fireflies: A backgrounder

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With the current concern on carbon emissions and global warming, NGOs, people’s organizations, and LGUs are making efforts — both individual or combined — to do their share to bring down temperatures to habitable levels.

One such effort is by The Firefly Brigade, a nationwide movement that was crystallized in 1999 which eventually was formed into a non-governmental organization.

The Brigade, composed of environmentally-concerned individuals, is responsible for what is now the annual tour of the Fireflies, a project that draws in thousands of participants all pedaling for the ecological cause.

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The Facebook page of the The Firefly Brigade cites the following as their mission: the promotion of cycling “as an environmentally sustainable form of transport” for more livable areas,

The championing of sustainable transport in the community planning, and the empowerment of citizens to take positive action for the environment.

The NGO envisions a world where “bicycling and sustainable transportation are a way of life”.

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Why fireflies?

The Firefly Brigade has noted that human activity and urban pollution has led to fewer and fewer firefly sightings even at night.

The bicycles are thus more than symbolic as they represent the fireflies. More than that, the bicycles are also eco-friendly and leaves zero carbon footprint.

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