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The CoviD-19 saga: Tuob and the Dunning Kruger effect

CoviD-19 continues to ravage the country, and with this pandemic is another outbreak - misinformation, aptly called the “infodemic” by health authorities. People are distraught that the contagion is seemingly not contained in our country because, as of this writing, June 28, 2020, the number of cases are 35,455, with 9,686 recovered and 1,244 deaths.

The CoviD-19 saga: Symptomatic vs Presymptomatic vs Asymptomatic Transmission

Back in May 2020, our politicians and health officials debated on the importance of mass testing out of fear of asymptomatic transmission. As much as I personally agree, backed with evidence, that asymptomatic transmission must not be downplayed – the capacity of healthcare and the ability to test remains hierarchical, and asymptomatic patients come only second to presymptomatic patients, and presymptomatic patients come second to symptomatic patients.

The CoviD-19 saga: Dexamethasone the “new” Wonder Drug?

People are flocking again to news that Dexamethasone is a CoviD-19 cure. And again, we reiterate, like the repurposed drugs Hydroxychloriquine and Remdesivir – it’s not. Lets go to basics first: Dexamethasone is a steroid.

The CoviD-19 saga: What makes a Good Pandemic Response (pt. 1)

The world has, throughout history, been bombarded by various pandemics. Smallpox, Influenza and the Black plague are but a few of these infamous invisible enemies that were so significantly devastating they managed to burn through a percentage of the world’s population in the time they were active. Science, medicine and healthcare has since advanced to counter these threats.
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