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Sweden to lift COVID restrictions by February 9

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Sweden will be lifting most of its COVID restrictions by 9 February, as it credits high vaccination rates to fewer serious cases, easing the burden on the country’s health care system.

Krisinformation.se, the official website of health authorities in Sweden, said most measures are lifted as the Public Health Authority has also asked government to requested that the government and Parliament to decide “Covid-19 should no longer be classified as a public and socially dangerous disease”.

Among restrictions that might be lifted include those involving public gatherings and public events, trade fairs and private gatherings.

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Social distancing in parties and the existing law on infection control measures in restaurants are also lifted.

Vaccination certificates, as well as masks in public transports are no longer required, while well as 11 pm closure in restaurants.

Others include work from home guidelines, and tourneys and indoor camps.

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On the other hand, everyone aged 12 and older should be vaccinated against covid-19.

The website also said certain advice and recommendations will remain including those for the unvaccinated and those with COVID symptoms.

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