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Soaring high: A tale of hard work and success

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Ria Marasigan appears, at first glance, like any average teen-agers. 

She is into sports, genuinely likes to be with people, and enjoys the company of her friends.

But there is nothing ordinary about her brain. 

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For one she has taken up a very challenging program in Riverside College, one of the premiere colleges in the province, and passed it with flying colors.  Not only did she pass it, but she graduated Magna Cum

Ria is a product of Riverside College, which is slowly but surely grooming itself into something more than a college of medical courses.

ria with classmates

She took Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, and chose Riverside because, according to her, “it is the only school whose offering my chosen course here in Negros Occidental”.

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Her cousin, she further reveals to DNX, is also a graduate of the college. 

“I also acquired scholarship in this institution,” she says.


The choice to be with Riverside seemed most appropriate, a perfect marriage of student, and educational institution.  After all, even great minds could get dull unless whetted regularly.

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And whet her mind Riverside did.

“When I entered riverside I was honed to become more committed in everything that I do especially to my studies,” she says.

ria herself

Her adventure with Riverside became a series of  really serious commitments and immersion to schoolwork, including “countless of sleepless nights”, up to a point when she neglected her social life.

“Nevertheless at the end of the day I always push myself to my limits and become more focus and more committed,” she says.

The hard work is just one aspect of it.  But her alma mater, she concedes, plays a very large part in her development.

ria on field

“Riverside provided me not just information as well as the experience of being someone who can become more functional to many people in such a way that I help them to become better, happier and more functional. After everything seeing their smiles made me feel being more compassionate, and the feeling is priceless,” she says.

Riverside, she adds, has successfully instilled in her the values of “integrity since they always taught the significance of work ethics”.

The college, Ria says, is also not all about theory.

“I think one of the strengths of the Riverside curriculum is the internship program. During our 5th year, we were expose to different areas of Physical therapy such as private and public hospitals, community-based rehab, and sports rehab,” she says.

Through all these, she avers, “acquired inside the classroom were applied”.

“This experience also enlightened me to what specialization I want to focus in the near future,” she adds.

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