Saturday, June 15, 2024
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On Ivermectin and the COVID19 vaccines

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There are passed-on stories alleging the testimony of some COVID 19 survivors of allegedly being healed by Ivermectin.

On the other hand, it is possible that those survivors belong to the majority of the covid patients who are either asymptomatic or only with mild symptoms, hence their assumption of the alleged efficacy of Ivermectin.

For our Government Health Authorities to be able to dispel the arguments posed by Conspiracy Theorists who claim that Ivermectin is intentionally being suppressed by corrupt Government Officials, greedy Pharmaceutical Companies & Businessmen in order to promote the more expensive drugs & the use of COVID 19 Vaccines, our Government must seek the help of well respected Medical Doctor Professors from the Medical Academe for them to explain to our people the rationale of the FDA & DOH’s stand on Ivermectin & on the need for our COVID 19 vaccinations.

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Sadly, there are those in our population who have doubts as to the credibility of our DOH & FDA Officials to speak the truth on the issues of Ivermectin & the COVID 19 Vaccines.

The voice of respected Medical Professors of stature may well be needed to get the cooperation of the public.

For non-doctors like me, I would finally suggest that we get proper medical advise on these health issues from our family doctors whom we personally know & trust to guide us in our decisions concerning our personal & family’s health.

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