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Official statement | Moises Padilla Vice Mayor Adrian Ian Salibio Villaflor

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Editors note: The following is the statement from the vice mayor of Moises Padilla town sent DNX by his publicist.

We are printing it in full.

This is to inform my beloved constituents, the people of Moises Padilla, everyone concerned and the public that I am on official leave.

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Contrary to the fake news and the lies being spread around, I am not in hiding.

As a dedicated public servant in the town of Moises Padilla, My Office continue to perform and fulfill the duties and responsibilities as best as we can.

However, recent circumstances have continued to put my life in danger and forced me to take the necessary precaution for my personal safety and security as well as for my family.

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Out of my dedication and genuine concern to be able to continue to help and serve our people of Moises Padilla, I cannot take for granted the continuing threats to my life, liberty and security. I cannot and will not be reckless to ignore the threats which can no longer be taken lightly.

As to the recent murder charge that was filed against me and some other personalities resulting to the issuance of a warrant of arrest against us, we have filed Petition for Review with the Department of Justice and we are waiting for its result.

The death of Councilor Jolomar Hilario was PUBLICLY CLAIMED by the New People’s Army and implicating us in the crime is totally unfair, uncalled for and baseless.

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I have been the target of a certain personality in the province who previously had filed a series of trumped up cases against me and were dismissed by the concerned government agencies.

I still believe that we will be vindicated because God knows we have nothing to do with it. With truth and justice on our side, and with the Lord Almighty answering our call to rescue and save us against all forms of harm and danger including baseless and malicious prosecution, we will overcome.

In the end, with God and the people as our witness, we will be vindicated and declared innocent and free as we had always been.

I hope and pray that the dangers and threats to our life, safety and security will soon be over so that I can continue to serve the people of Moises Padilla with more passion and dedication and much more than I ever did before.

Thank you for all the prayers of support and encouragement. I am all the more inspired to serve more and help more in every way I can!

God bless everyone and stay safe always!:)

Vice Mayor
Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental

Disclaimer: So that the public may know, I have personally prepared this Official Statement today, June 01, 2021 fully aware that this will be widely disseminated to address the public concern affecting my status, condition and position as the Incumbent Vice Mayor of Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental.

The statements I made here are wholly and exclusively my personal responsibility and accountability and are made based on my personal knowledge and beliefs to the exclusion of anyone else.

Whatever statements I made here that tend to be associated with any person or group is purely coincidental and cannot be in anyway attributed or be the subject of liability of the person or group being referred to other than myself both in my personal and official capacities.

Finally, I hold anyone free and harmless for any statements that may be adverse and may be a cause for administrative, civil or criminal liability to third persons. Whatever liability or responsibility that may be incurred by reason of my statements here in this Official Statement shall be personal to me and to me alone to the exclusion of anyone else.

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