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Lyrics of Hihilom Ang Sugat and transcript of interview with Jasmin Egan

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Hihilom Ang Sugat

1st stanza:
Di ka umaatras, sa sakit na marahas
kaylangan mong mag palakas, para sila’y ma iligtas

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buwis ang yung buhay,
handäng matanggap pag ika’y mamatay.
asawat anak na hindi masilayan,
pamilya mong iiwang luhaan.

Masdan nyo ang Mundo
isipa’y imulat
magigising ang lahat

Paglaban nyo ang mundo
Kung magkaisa ang lahat
hihilom ang sugat

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2nd stanza:
Ikaw ang bantay sa Lagusan, protektahan ang mga mamayan
Di uubra and ang susuway, mga kriminal at mga pasaway.

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3rd stanza:
Problemadong Liderato, sinasalo ang lahat na reklamö,
Deriktibang gabay sa mga tao,
para lahat d magkagulo.

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Salamat sa inyo
dama naming pagod na kayo
Saludo sa inyo
Mga magigiting na pasan ang mundo

Transcript of interview with Jasmin Egan

  1. What have you realized personally amid the pandemic?

There are so many things that I have personally realized and learned amid the pandemic.
One, I have realized how powerless humans are. Whatever station one’s life is, when death comes in the form of this kind of pandemic, one may not be spared. This killer does not recognize anyone’s status in life.

  1. What was going on inside your mind when you you commissioned the video?

I have come to this question “why the doctors and nurses, why them?” when they are supposed to be the one who knows better and get us get cured.

Knowing they are dying slowly alone in the ICU, really broke my heart.

And I said, if these doctors and nurses are getting the first exposure to this “virus” and they can’t leave their duty to avoid death from it, I should be very thankful for their courage in doing so.

But to be grateful is not enough.
I should also take part in this endeavor. Although at first, I do not know what to do.
Then came this thought, “I will ask friends and family to help” our frontliners feel that “Hindi sila nag-iisa” in fighting this CoViD.

While they are fighting life and death in the frontline, I decided to do my part fighting for the safety of their own families too. This was when a brilliant idea came to disinfect the environment where their own families are most exposed to CoViD. The roads and side walks.

I came to learn that doing this part, is “not enough” yet.
I have seen many people getting inspired to do their part in fighting not only CoViD, but as well as its effect to the economy. Many have gone hungry. No work, no pay, no food. Then again, I said “Let’s do more”.

I begin to share what I have to those whom I knew who suffered a loss of income. I sent them food. Then, I saw a new kind of “Pandemonium”. A good kind of “pandemic” that moved people to share what they have to their neighbors, to people they do not know, helped the government distribute relief goods even to those in the mountains where they have not even been before. I saw myself now being appeased. I felt, I have done something good and I can now say “Thank you Lord for the opportunity”.

When I saw artists, the local ones, who suffered economically due to loss of opportunity in this pandemic, I immediately felt that they can be a medium of letting the frontliners feel well appreciated, loved, and glorified through their songs. Nothing can beat more than a song rendered and dedicated to them. A song and an artist can best express what I feel for them. I know there are many of us who, if only we can also compose songs and sing them ourselves, we would do so. But listening to a better artist, a good composition, and a wonderful video will capture the real essence of the objective. This then is the best.

The original song created for this specific occasion is such a priceless gift for the frontliners. We owe this to them.

  1. What are the best and the worst traits that the crisis brought out in each of us?

The best trait that emerged from all of us in this pandemic, was the “spiritual brotherhood” amongst us. It made everyone realize that “we are all One” in this war. No one is above anyone. Everyone is in equal footing and we just have to think and feel for each other. That no one is an island, and we can only “heal as one” if we believe and obey what the “frontliner” is asking us to do.

The worst trait that the crisis brought out in some people, is still “selfishness”. Especially those who feel they should be treated with “privilege”. Nevertheless, they too realized and learned at the end of the day, that they are not at all “powerful”. Only God is.

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Julius D. Mariveles
Julius D. Mariveles
An amateur cook who has a mean version of humba, the author has recently tried to make mole negra, the Mexican sauce he learned by watching shows of master chef Rick Bayless. A journalist since 19, he has worked in the newsrooms of radio, local papers, and Manila-based news organizations. A stroke survivor, he now serves as executive editor of DNX.
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