NGC worker who died was about to be wed


He was supposed to be married.

But that was not to be — no thanks to CoViD-19.

Mark*, the relative of the fiancee of the NGC employee who died recently, told DNX that the latter was supposed to be wed in a little more than a month.

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“The wedding date was supposed to be September 20,” Mark told DNX.

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Mark was referring to Paul*, the New Government Center employee who died of CoViD-19 complications recently. The whole NGC had to be placed on lockdown because of it.

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“He was a jolly person, really kind, and really good company,” Mark said, adding, “He came from a good family, and he was very thoughtful. There’s nothing bad that anyone can say about him, his personality.” (READ also: NGC worker dies of CoViD; mayor condoles with family)

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Mark said there was nothing unusual that he saw the last time he saw Paul.

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“We saw each other in his office last July 15, and he was his usual jolly self, horsing around,” he said.

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