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Half of 2022 budget goes to MOOE

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Half of the annual budget for FY 2022 went to maintenance and other operating expenses, while a quarter went to personal services according to the copy of the Executive Budget furnished to DNX.

About P1.6 Billion or half of the budget went to maintenance and operating expenses.

Under the Department of Budget and Management definition, this refers to “expenditure category/expense class for support to the operations of government agencies such as expenses for supplies and materials; transportation and travel; utilities (water, power, etc.) and the repairs, etc.”

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The MOOE for this year is fixed for the appropriation of food supplies  P24.4 million. for Food Supplies; P800,000 for Welfare Goods; P30.6 million for Drugs and Medicines; and P50.5 million for Medical, Dental, and Laboratory Supplies Expenses.

Furthermore,  P91 million has been allocated for donations, a function which has been devolved by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to the local government.

The allocation for Personal Services for the budget year is P804 million.

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Under this particular provision, the sums from the previously unfunded vacant positions during CY 2021 were invested in the creation of new positions in view of certain nationally-devolved functions, particularly under the City Health Office.

Moreover, possible merging of offices – such as that of the Department of Public Services and the Environment and Natural Resources Office into the Bacolod Environmental and Natural Resources Office (BENRO) – has been taken into account.

Additionally, the city has also allotted P179.5 million under Other Professional Services to provide for additional allowances and benefits to judges, prosecutors, public elementary and high school teachers, and other national government officials stationed in or assigned to the city. This is in consonance with the provisions of the Local Government Code.

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Also notable is the significant increase in the funds allocated for support of peace and order through the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO).

Financial Expenses

About P34 million is assigned for Financial Expenses. This is subdivided into Interest

Expense of P25.6 million and the Other Financial Charges for Documentary Stamps Tax (DST) at P8.5 million mostly in relation to various loans acquired for new development projects.

Property, Plant, and Equipment

The expenditures for Property, Plant, and Equipment amount to P542.3 million or

17% of the total budget.

Under this is P123 million allotted for land and land improvements, water system supply, structures, buildings, various equipment for offices, lCT, agriculture and forestry, marine and fishery, communication, construction, security, and health, among many more. The remaining amount of P418,381,040.00 is set aside for the 20% Development Fund.

This fund is for purposes of addressing the priority projects of this administration, including new infrastructures and the continued battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special Purpose Appropriation

The amount of Php 272 million has been set aside for Other Purposes, which – in

simpler figures – make up 8% of our budget. Included herein is the payment for Debt Servicing in the amount of P29 million on the 15-year PNB Loan that was originally approved for P400 million for the construction of the Bacolod Government Center and which is finally set for full payment by September 2022.

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