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Guv neglecting plight of small people, Orola says

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines – Former city administrator and tourism attache John Orola said the administration of Negros Occidental Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson has been neglecting the small people — specifically small farmers and fisherfolk.

Orola, in an interview with DNX said that Lacson started noticing these sectors because it is election time.

Otherwise, he said, the governor has been neglecting these people and their issues for a long time.

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He cited the lack of support programs for farmers and fisherfolk, resulting in unnecessary waste and spoilage in their products.

“They are only making noise now because of the elections, and because (the governor) no of has an opponent,” Orola said.

Orola was explaining why he called the current provincial administration as “elitist”, “dynastic”, and “abusive”, as he also pointed out that there reason he ran for governor was because of the clamor of people in the grassroots to be heard.

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On the other hand, Negros Occidental Provincial administrator Rayfrando Diaz practically brushed aside the accusations of atty John Orola that the Lacson administration is abusive and elitist.

Diaz, in an interview with DNX, implies nobody is minding what Orola is saying.

He added that all that people have to do to confirm those claims is to ask Capitol employees what kind of leader Lacson is.

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