Friday, May 20, 2022
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FURRY EASY: Why buying food for your furbabies can now be part of your mall shopping in Bacolod City

Sundays for typical families are usually reserved for mall outings.

And buying groceries.

But do you know that your trip to the mall can now include picking up the essentials, treats and goodies for your furbabies, too?

With the freak weather sending temperatures soaring in daytime, most people prefer one-stop shopping, buying all they need if possible under one roof.

And as pet ownership grows in the Philippines and along with it demand for pet food, estimated by Statista to grow year on year at 17 percent (2022-2027), pet food and essentials is now a must for many shoppers.

While many pet stores dot the entire city, Bacolod now has three mall-based outlets that sell premiere brand TopBreed, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Falcor Marketing that opened its latest in-mall outlet Friday, 1 April 2022, at SM City.

Falcor Marketing, reputed as a distributor of agricultural products before it ventured to pet products, is the first firm to open a pet park and outlet with TopBreed at Robinsons Place in Mandalagan village last year.

It was followed shortly with the opening of the first drive-thru pet kiosk at the Ayala Mall Capitol Central.

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