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From Amun-Ra to Anubis: The 12 Signs of Egyptian Zodiac

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Most of us are familiar with the Western Zodiac with its 12 signs tracing their roots to Greek mythology, and the Chinese Zodiac and its animal signs.

But only a handful are familiar with Egyptian astrology.

Egyptian astrology is more similar to Western Zodiac, which is broken into 12 parts spread through a 365-day calendar, unlike the Chinese where each sign represents a whole year.

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Ancient Egyptians, like most prehistoric culture, relied on planetary movements to predict climate events like floods and famine.

According Astrology.com, a typical month in Ancient Egypt is split into three 10-day periods (or decans).

Which means that there are 36 decans in a year, with the extra five days set aside for festivals and rituals.

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The chronology however is not in order unlike Western Zodiac (with signs spanning 30 consecutive days), thus people born in three separate months could share an Egyptian zodiac sign.

The signs are named after Egyptian gods and goddesses save for one, Niles, which is named after the river.

The following are the signs, the periods they cover, and their description according to Astrology.com.

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Niles or Satis

Dates covered: January 1—7, June 19—28, September 1—7, November 18—26

Named after the river that has become an essential part of Egypt’s people, Niles is the only sign not named after a deity. People born under this sign resemble the river. They are practical, calm, wise, and insightful. While the astrological signs are named after Gods and Goddesses, Niles is different as it is named after the Nile river in Egypt. The Nile is a source of life for the people of Egypt, giving them water to get them alive. Similar to the river, those born under the sign could be impulsive and domineering but could also be very tender. Niles is also called Satis, the deity who personifies the annual flooding of the river and is considered as the goddess of war, hunting, and fertility.


Dates covered: January 8—21, February 1—11

This sign is named after the Big Boss, the King of the Gods, or the Sun God. People born under Amun-Ra are “powerful leaders with an aura of royalty around them”, Astrology.com says. They are optimistic, confident, strong-willed, and powerful.

People under the sign are far above the average, and they can be secretive about their true feelings and would rather keep to themselves.


Dates covered: January 22—31, September 8—22

This sign is named after the sky goddess and the divine mother. Divine Mother of the world.

People born under the sign are protective and are mostly the “mom” of any friend group. They are Affectionate, loyal, and generous, and can be relied on for advice, or a sympathetic ear.

On the other hand, they can also be vulnerable, sensitive and painfully shy, it takes them a while to come out of their shell. “But when they trust you, they can be your best friend in the world,” Astrology.com says.


Dates covered: February 12—29, August 20—31

Geb is the God of the earth and the father of snakes. People born the sign are natural empaths who can sense what others feel. They are reliable, persistent, and intelligent, and make excellent writers, counselors, and contributors to society. They also have the need to make others happy.


Dates covered: March 1—10, November 27—December 18

This sign is named after the god of the underworld and of rebirth. People born under the sign bears the god’s dual nature of death and rebirth. Orisis people are both strong and vulnerable; determined yet generous. They are individualistic but make good leaders with their outspoken opinions and passionate nature. “However, while these people are full of energy, they can also have a hot temper and can be restless if they do not have a goal to achieve,” Astrology.com says.


Dates covered: March 11–31, October 18–29, December 19–31

Named after the most powerul goddess of Ancient Egypt, known for her healing powers and for receiving and protecing the dead. People born under this sign are vey nurturing as they love to take care of people. They are straightforward, energetic, with a great sense of humor, Isis people can see the best in people while still telling them how it is. While they can be pretty demanding, they are generous with a sense of duty that is often misunderstood as playing martyr.


Dates covered: April 1–19, November 8–17

Thoth is the god of the moon, reckoning, and of learning and writing. People born under the sign “have a deep thirst for knowledge—whether they’re coming up with ways to improve their lives or coming up with fresh ideas, they never stop trying to make things better with the knowledge they’ve gained”, Astrology.com says. They are courageous, creative, and gifted with keen communication skills, with a wisdom beyond their years. Because of this they could be opinionated and have problems accepting new ideas.


Dates covered: April 20 – May 7, August 12–19

Horus is the god of kingship and of the sky, as well as the helper of Ra. People born under his namesake often have a strong sense of duty to both family and community. They are brave, hardworking, and optimistic but they can also be exceedingly stubborn. “They sometimes use their strong personality to bully people into doing things their
way,” Astrology.com says but their love of security and peace make them overprotective of their loved ones.


Dates covered: May 8–27, June 29 – July 13

Named after the god of the dead, this sign is for introverts, especially those who prefer deep relationships to shallow ones. People under this sign are creative, honest, and curious with a “great deal of confidence in their talents and have a strong inner passion that keeps them going”, Astrology.com says.

People under Anubis are comfortable with the darker side of life and often lean toward the macabre and the spooky. They also tend to wear their heart on their
sleeve for the people they care about.


Dates covered: May 28 – June 18, September 28 – October 2

Seth is the god of war, chaos, and storms thus people under the sign have an adventurous spirit. They also tend to be perfectionists. They are described as bold fiery, and charismatic, often seeking out challenges where they are sure to win. They also have a strong need for
freedom “but need to balance chaos and perfection, or they could burn their lives down”, Astrology.com adds.


Dates covered: July 14–28, September 23–27, October 3–17

This sign is named after the goddess of pleasure, protection, and bringer of good health. People born under the sign resemble the goddess’ behavior as they just want to have a good time. They are devoted, charming, gentle, and peace-loving; they hate conflict that could kill their buzz. They are also intuitive, which helps keep them out of drama as they can sense negative vibes.

“Like cats, they have a mysterious aura around them… (but) they can be surprisingly clingy
and can become possessive of the people they love,” Astrology.com says.


Dates: July 29 – August 11, October 30 – November 7

Sekhmet is named after the warrior goddess, who is also the goddess of healing. People born under Sekhmet have too sometimes conflicting sides. On one hand, they can be easygoing, upbeat, and fun, while also being disciplined, controlling, and strict.

They also have a strong moral code, which however could get lost in their dual nature.

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