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Far from Home: A tale of longing and coping of an OFW in Kuwait

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Machris Delfin’s career is on the rise. He is one of the more recognizable names in the world of body-building, and he has carved a name for himself as fitness coach in Bacolod.

So when he moved to Kuwait eight years ago, it was but natural that he would do what he does best.

Until the pandemic struck.

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Lockdown in Kuwait started last 12 March 2020 and things have been quite crazy after wards.

There was a series of CQs, from General to Enhanced to Modified General. There were no opportunities for Machris to come home not just from lack of resources but because of uncertain travel bans in Kuwait.

Machris Delfin photo 01
Machris Delfin is a fitness coach now working in Kuwait. | Photo from Machris Delfin’s FB page

It is, then, a sort of long distance love affair between Machris and his family.

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“We do videocalls and Facebook Messenger to connect,” he tells DNX, and social media is one of the ways that he can keep up with the news.

Machris Delfin photo 02
The fitness coach with his family. | Image taken from Machris Delfin’s FB page

His wife, he says, also keeps him up to date.

Now, he has to rely on social media, and fight back homesickness as the number of CoViD-19 cases continues to rise.

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Machris Delfin
One big happy family. | Image taken from Machris Delfin’s Facebook page

“I feel homesick… And scared,” he says.

Scared that his family might be infected. And with the idea that any one of his family might contract the virus — fear gives way to anxiety.

If he goes home, though, he would be faced with the prospect of unemployment once he comes home.

So, he has to fight back fear, and anxiety, and the longing to see his family.

He has no other choice or else face hunger here.

“It’s hard and it is painful. But I will face everything for the sake of my family,” he says, adding, “For as long as I keep my faith in God, I know everything will be okay.”

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