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DNX FASHION | Tahom | Ethical, sustainable fashion for a cause

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Think of the scandalously expensive Birkin bag, or Louis Vuitton purse that costs as much as a down payment for a house.  And then there is the matter of questionable ethical practice that have been called out by environmental and animal rights groups, especially against brands that keep on using animal skin, even exotic ones, on their productions.


On the flip side, there are the likes of Stella MacCartney, Vivien Eastwood, and a growing list of luxury designers who are doing ethical fashion, pushing not just for ethical practices by NOT using animal skin and fur in their products (bye croc skin purses!), but also sustainable practices and fair trade.


Then there’s Tahom. Hiligaynon for “beautiful”, this is started by beauty queen and advocate Rizza Paula Infante during her stint in the Miss Earth Philippines tilt.

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“I started it because of my advocacy to help the people who are greatly affected during the pandemic. It was also my advocacy during Miss Earth when I wanted to protect wildlife by ceasing the use of leather from animals and also promoting our local handicrafts. Since it was my passion to uplift the culture of the locals and their products, I pursued this track,” Infante tells DNX.

shoulder bag

The products range from native hand bags, purses, futons, backpacks, all using indigenous materials.

The project has also provided opportunities for the weavers in Negros, as some of them were commissioned to do the craftsmanship.

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blue bag

“These are different weavers of Negros,” Rizza says, adding that one of the weavers has come all the way from Calatrava, while others are from weaving communities in La Castellana and Guihulngan.

bag with model

The project will be launched in 13th Parea later, 5 pm.  Performing artists include Euphonic Jive, Ram Martinez, Jojo Robles, and Kokoi Baldo.

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