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DNX BOTO 2022: Election 101: What is an election campaign?

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This reporting project is supported by Internews and in partnership with the Bacolod City office of the Commission on Elections

EDITORS NOTE: The start of the campaign period for local elective positions is only nine days away and will last for 45 days until 7 May 2022.

It also marks the end of the first 45 days of the 90-day period for national elective positions that started on 8 February 2022.

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What is an election campaign based on Resolution 10730 of the Commission on Elections?

These are under Section 1 or definitions outlines in the resolution:

  1. “Election campaign” or “partisan political activity” refers to an act designed to promote the election or defeat of a particular candidate or candidates to a public office, and shall include any of the following:

a.) Forming organizations, associations, clubs, committees or other groups of persons for the purpose of soliciting votes and/or undertaking any campaign for or against a candidate;

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b.) Creating on any social media platform, user groups or community pages, for the purpose of conducting campaigns or related partisan political activity;

c.) Holding political caucuses, conferences, meetings, rallies, parades or other similar assemblies for the purpose of soliciting votes and/or undertaking any campaign or propaganda for or against a candidate;

d.) Making speeches, announcements or commentaries, or holding interviews for or against the election of any candidate for public office;

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e.) Publishing, displaying or distributing campaign literature or materials designed to support or oppose the election of any candidate; or

f.) Directly or indirectly soliciting votes, pledges or support for or against any candidate.


Personal opinions, views, and preferences for candidates, contained in blogs and micro-blogs shall not be considered as acts of election campaigning or partisan political activity unless expressed by government officials in the Executive Department, the Legislative Department, the Judiciary, the Constitutional Commissions, and members of the Civil Service.

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