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Cussing on stage not in jest, Espino says

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BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines — The cussing that Bacolod Councilor Al Victor Espino did during the opening salvo was not said in jest, and neither was he drunk at that time.

Espino told DNX that he really meant to say the cuss words (“Yta mo” which translates to “fck you”) during the opening salvo because he wanted to say a strong message to the crowd as well as to their political opponents.

“We are being bullied,” Espino said when asked why he did it, also denying claims that he along with his other partymates like Bacolod Cong. Greg Gasataya, and former Councilors Thaddy Sayson and Homer Bais were inebriated at that time.

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Espino said he and his partymates had been bullied by their opponents who, according to him, have troll armies, and social media accounts at their disposal.

Espino said anybody who knows him will understand that he has always been forthright and straightforward.

“I don’t need to drink to say what I said,” he said.

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