Negligence caused sanctions to police officers


BACOLOD CITY – Police desk officer and duty jailer of Police Station 3 would soon be facing administrative sanctions for the escape of four jail detainees while on their duty hours.

Police Major Ruel Culanag, station chief of Police Station 3 said the on-duty Police desk officer and duty jailer will face administrative sanctions of infidelity in the custody of prisoner through negligence as stated under Article 224 of the Revised Penal Code.

The Code states escapes could only have happened if the officer had not been watchful and vigilant while doing their duty.

The officer might be placed under arresto mayor (or detention for six months) to prision correccional in its minimum period (also six months detention) and temporary special disqualification.

Earlier, four jailbirds have escaped from Station 3 by sawing off the bars of their cell. They had since gone back into custody after surrendering.

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